There will be no Maya Weekend at Penn Museum in 2015.

32nd Annual Maya Event
Saturday March 15, 2014 9am to 5pm at Penn Museum:
Annual Maya Symposium: 
"Voices of the Past:  Maya Research Today"
Scholars, first-time visitors, enthusiasts, and lovers of all things Maya are invited to take part in a full day of special Maya-related programming. Guests hear from experts, including Curator Richard Leventhal and Associate Curator and Keeper Simon Martin, one of the world's leading scholars on ancient Maya glyph writing—both of the Penn Museum's American Section—as well as scholars and students specializing in a variety of pre-Columbian disciplines. Topics of discussion range from ancient environmental issues, to historic excavation sites, to the future of Maya heritage. Admission: $40; $30, Penn Museum members; $20 full-time College Students with ID.
To register, go to
and click on "Get Tickets".
Members must be signed in when registering online in order to receive the members’ price. After clicking on "Get Tickets," there’s a link to “Sign In/Registration” in the upper right portion of the screen. If you have not yet registered as a member on the online system, click the register button, and follow the prompts.  If you have registered already, just click Sign In. You will be asked for a password(another Password!), which you will use, along with your email address, to register for any paid events in the future. If you have difficulties, the Museum membership office will be happy to walk you through the process—you can call them at 215.898.5093. Once you are signed in, and you have added the number of member registrants to your cart, it will show and automatically deduct the $10.00 difference when you check out.
Members who do not have email, or choose not to register in that manner may register via phone, by calling the Museum’s Special Events office at 215.898.2680.
The Schedule for the Saturday Lectures is below.
      Note:  There will NOT BE the traditional Breakfast Buffet, although there will be coffee (and hopefully Tea!) available during the registration.  Potbelly Sandwich Shop, in the front of the Penn Tower Hotel has good breakfasts to take out or eat in.  The Sheraton has excellent breakfasts, for any who are staying there, and there is a Starbucks in between the Sheraton and the Museum. There will be Coffee and Tea, etc. at the 10:45 break  Break, and the 3:15 pm breaks.  Lunch, scheduled from 12:00 - 1:30,  will be available  for purchase in the Cafe or from nearby local restaurants, a list of which will be provided.
Schedule for  March 15, 2014
       8:30 – 9:10 am Registration  in the Kress Gallery
            9:10-9:20  Opening Comments
            9:20-10:00: Richard Leventhal, Curator, American Collection, Penn Museum; 
            10:00-10:40  Franco Rossi, Boston University, current  Dumbarton Oaks Fellow  
          Coffee Break
          Lightning Talks: short presentations:
           11:00 -11:20   Sarah Kurnick, University of Pennsylvania 
            1120 – 11:40: David Rogoff, University of Pennsylvania 
            11:40 - 12:00: Joanne Baron, University of Pennsylvania         
        12:00 to 1:30 pm Lunch
            1:30 – 1:50: Lynn Grant, Head Conservator, Penn Museum
            1:50 - 2:10: Tiffany Cain: University of Pennsylvania
            2:10 – 2:30: Christa Cesario: University of Pennsylvania
            2:30- 3:10 : Frauke Sachse: University of Bonn, Germany
          Coffee Break
            3:30 - 4:10: Oswaldo Chichilla: Professor of Anthropology, Yale University
            4:10 - 4:50: Simon Martin, Associate Curator and Keeper, Penn Museum
            5:00-6:00 pm: Reception with Cash Bar

31st Annual Maya Weekend
Friday evening April 19 and Saturday April 20, 2013

at the Penn Museum
April 19, Friday, 5:00 pm: Maya Weekend Keynote Lecture
Ancestors at Copan and Quirigua: Acts of Remembrance, Dr. Wendy Ashmore, University of California,    Riverside/  Acts of veneration for Maya royal ancestors at Classic Copan have rightfully received much  
  attention in recent years. Equivalent acts at Classic Quirigua are less widely known. Dr. Wendy Ashmore,
  Professor of Anthropology, University of California Riverside, reviews traditions for recalling ancestors in
  each place, from K'inich Yax K'uk' Mo'  and his counterpart at Quirigua, to Waxaklahun-Ub'ah-K'awil, at
  Copan and  Quirigua lord, K'ak' Tiliw' Chan Yo'at.
           Cash bar available. Admission: $25. For more information, call 215.898.2680.
April 20, Saturday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm: Maya Weekend 2013 Symposium
Recalling the Ancestors: Maya Traditions Across Time
  For ancient and contemporary Maya alike, ancestors are ever-present and fundamental to the sense of identity, heritage, power and place. Guests are treated to a full day of special Maya-related programming, with lectures from speakers including Dr. Charles Golden, Brandeis University, and Dr. Payson Sheets, University of Colorado Boulder; a Maya hieroglyph workshop from Simon Martin, Associate Curator, American Section; and much more.
    Admission: $75, general public; $65, Penn Museum members. Registration required;
    to register, visit For more information, call 215.898.2680.

30th Annual Maya Weekend

Maya 2012: Lords of Time
May 4-6, 2012
at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
It will closely correspond with the exciting new exhibit: "MAYA 2012: Lords of Time," which opens May 5. The exhibit will be curated by Simon Martin and Dr. Loa Traxler. Information about the 30th Anniversary Maya Weekend information is available at

29th Annual Maya Weekend

The Ancient Maya in 21st Century - Advances in Analysis and Presenting the Past
April 15-17, 2011
at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
This year's Maya Weekend explores the advances in the fields of scientific analysis and visual presentation of ancient Maya culture. Specialists in 3-dimensional modeling of architecture and remote sensing join archaeologists focused on the close study of materials and physical remains from ancient kingdoms of the Classic Maya, as well as the customary interactive hieroglyphic workshops at all levels.
Registration is now open on the Museum website:
There will be no Saturday Evening Banquet this year. A list of recommended places to eat will be available in your registration packet.

28th Annual Maya Weekend
Maya Women: Figures of Enduring Strength and Power
April 9, 10, and 11, 2010
Friday, 6:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sunday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
For more information, click here.

27th Annual Maya Weekend

Maya Crossroads - Classic Ideas and Goods in Motion Across the Verapaz

Friday through Sunday, April 3 - 5, 2009
at The Univsersity of Pennsylvania Museum
This spring, Penn Museum's 27th Annual Maya Weekend presents "Maya Crossroads: Classic Ideas and Goods in Motion Across the Verapaz," a program focused on the dynamic trade and cultural expression in the Maya highlands during the Classic period. Our program complements a new exhibition, Painted Metaphors: Pottery and Politics of the Ancient Maya, the opening of which will be a special highlight for the event. Our Maya Weekend program combines illustrated talks by world-renowned scholars and interactive workshops exploring the cultural traditions of the Maya.
Hotel: Rooms are available at the Sheraton University City ($189 plus tax), 36th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215-387-8000. Identify yourself as a Maya Weekend attendee to receive our special rate.
Program brochures with full details have been mailed.  Call 215 898-4890 or fax 215 573-4263 to request additional information. Information is also available on the Museum website:

26th Annual Maya Weekend

The Future of the Maya World

Friday through Sunday, April 11 - 13, 2008
Program brochures with full details have been mailed.  Call 215 898-4890 or fax 215 573-4263 to request additional information. Information is also available on the Museum website:

25th Annual Maya Weekend

Theme: Dawn of Maya Civilization
Friday through Sunday, April 13 - 15, 2007
 Speakers will include Richard Hansen, William Saturno,
 Barbara Arroyo, Dave Grove, Simon Martin, Eleanor King, Marcello
 Canuto, Norman Hammond, Francisco Estrada-Belli, and Karl Taube.
Program brochures with full details have been mailed.  Call 215 898-4890 or fax 215 573-4263 to request additional information. Information is also available on the Museum website:

24th Annual Maya Weekend

Maya Shamans - Magic Heroes, Spirit Healers
Friday through Sunday, April 7 - 9, 2006
This spring, Penn Museum's 24th Annual Maya Weekend presents "Maya Shamans, Magic Heroes and Spirit Healers," a program focused on shamans and religious leaders whose traditional medicine has long sustained the health and well-being of Maya society. Our program combines illustrated talks by top scholars, engaging films, and interactive workshops exploring the cultural traditions and hieroglyphic writing of the Maya. Our speakers include David Freidel, Simon Martin, Marianna Kunow, William Saturno, Karen Bassie, Allen Christenson, John Chuchiak, Linda Brown, and Robert Laughlin. Workshops include explorations of Maya medical practices, hieroglyphic study with leading epigraphers, and our Educator' Worshop on Maya culture. Our workshop leaders include Kathryn Josserand, Nicholas Hopkins, Gabrielle Vail, John Harris, Elin Danien, Marc Zender, and Christopher Jones. Come experience the rich traditions of the Maya people with scholars and novices alike!
Hotel: Rooms are available at the Sheraton University City ($145 plus tax), 36th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, 215/387-8000. Be sure to identify yourself as a Maya Weekend attendee to receive the special rate.
Program brochures with full details will be mailed in January. Call 215/898-4890 or fax 215/573-4263 to request additional brochures. Information is also available on our website:

23rd Annual Maya Weekend
Maya Chocolate and Precious Delights
April 8 - 10, 2005
Penn Museum’s 23rd Annual Maya Weekend presented “Maya Chocolate and
Precious Delights,” a program focused on the exotic finery and delicacies of
Maya society. The program combined illustrated talks, workshops, and films
exploring the exotic foods, hieroglyphic writing, and iconography of the Maya.
The speakers included David Stuart, Elin Danien, Cameron McNeil, Simon Martin,
Karl Taube, Dorie Reents-Budet, David Lentz, Patricia McAnany, and Jeffrey
Hurst. Workshops included hieroglyphic study with Barbara MacLeod, Marc Zender,
and John Harris, a new Educators’ Workshop on Maya culture and cuisine (with
Continuing Education credit), and tastings of Maya chocolate and other
pre-Columbian foods.  David Freidel spoke at the banquet of
Latin cuisine and chocolate delights following the Saturday evening fiesta.
It explored the rich traditions of Maya culture with scholars and novices

22nd Annual Maya Weekend
Ancient Masks & Modern Eyes
New Views on Maya Traditions
March 26 - 28, 2004
The Museum's 22nd Annual Maya Weekend presented new research on Maya religion and social traditions past and present.  Exciting discoveries from current excavations and new research on Maya cultural traditions highlighted the program which combined talks, films, and workshops on Maya writing, iconography, and textiles.  The speakers included Marc Zender, Linda Brown, William Saturno, Lisa Lucero, Maury Hutcheson, Harriet Beaubien, Charles Golden, Ellen Bell, Greg Borgstede and Simon Martin.  A special exhibition of Maya textiles and painting by Winifred Godfrey was on display for the weekend, and a banquet of Latin cuisine followed the Saturday evening fiesta.

21st Annual Maya Weekend
Yax Mutal (Tikal)
Friday April 4 - Sunday April 6 2003

20th Annual Maya Weekend
A Maya Katun Celebration!
Friday April 5 - Sunday April 7 2002
                                                 For the ancient Maya, the completion of 20 years, or a
                                                 "katun," was an auspicious time-and the Museum continues
                                                 that ancient tradition with a special 20th annual weekend.
                                                 Friday night begins with a colorful festival of Maya textiles
                                                 with specialists from the United States, Mexico, and
                                                 Guatemala. Maya epigraphers (hieroglyph specialists) and
                                                 archaeologists from the field share their latest discoveries in
                                                 an immersion weekend of Maya culture! The Weekend
                                                 features illustrated talks by scholars, workshops on
                                                 deciphering Maya writing, receptions to meet and mingle, and
                                                 an optional Saturday evening fiesta with traditional Maya

19th Annual Maya Weekend
Four Corners of the Maya World
Friday March 23 - Sunday March 25

18th Annual Maya Weekend
Portraits of the Maya - Life Stories Across Time
Friday March 31 - Sunday April 2, 2000

17th Annual Maya Weekend
Maya Epigraphy: Progress and Prospects
April 9, 10, and 11, 1999

16th Annual Maya Weekend
Natural and Supernatural: The Many Worlds of the Ancient Maya
April 4 and 5, 1998

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