Next Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society

Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the Penn Museum - Room 345 12 pm

There will be no afternoon speaker for September. Instead, we will visit
a very important, thought provoking new exhibition "Cultures in the Crossfire: Stories From Syria and Iraq."

Description of the exhibition:

The exhibition was created in conjunction with the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, which sheds light on the ongoing destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East by showing what’s at stake—the rich history of the region and the diversity of its people—and what’s being done to prevent the loss of this history and cultural identity. Fascinating ancient art and artifacts from the Penn Museum’s extensive Near East collection tell stories of the cultures of Syria and Iraq through time. Contemporary artwork from Issam Kourbaj, a Syrian artist based in Cambridge, UK, provides an art intervention—a modern-day response to the artifacts and themes. The exhibition features the important work being done by the University of Pennsylvania and Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with individuals and groups in the Middle East to help combat the loss of irreplaceable cultural heritage.

The Glyph Group
will meet from 10:15 or so until 12:00, or later.

Please meet in Room 345 between 12:00 and 12:15, if you are coming the afternoon Gallery visit.

The visit will  followed by lunch at the White Dog Café, as an opening to our year, if members are interested.   Please RSVP to Lynn if you plan to go to lunch.

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