Next Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society

Saturday October 13, 2018 at 1:30 pm in Penn Museum Room 345:
Geraldine Patrick- Encina: "A Commentary to Gabrielle Vail's zodiacal interpretation of the deer hunting almanac in the Madrid Codex"
The presentation will especially focus on Madrid pages related to deer hunting to demonstrate how months Keh and Sip are crucial in the analysis because, according to the correlation sustained by Patrick since 2013, Keh always begins on March 21st and Sip always begins on September 22nd; only the starting moment of the day changes, depending on the year bearer. 
These equinox winals add interpretative value to Gabrielle Vail's proposal that the depictions on Madrid pp.44B, 44C and 48C of an antler-less deer trapped by a scorpion represents the hunting of deer in Spring time, when Virgo zodiac crosses the midnight sky, followed by Scorpio. With the calendrics in place, the use of the Madrid almanacs for the hunting season becomes straightforward. Since the original haab' provides the time-space matrix in which yearly ecological and ritual relations with deer took place, we are now able to understand the persistence of those yearly relations until today, as reflected in the dedication of ceremonies to Catholic saints made by deer hunters in the Mayan peninsula.

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