January 8, 2011 Christa Cesario, PhD Candidate in Anthropology,  University of Pennsylvania: "Reimagining Ritual in La Mission, San Francisco, CA"

   The presentation discussed how a Mayan agricultural ritual in Yucatán, Mexico becomes reimagined by Yucatecan immigrants in the urban space of San Francisco, California.
            Christa Cesario is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her dissertation research explores how we think about, and respond to, perceived crises of culture and language loss.  As a member of the Maya Area Cultural Heritage Initiative, under the direction of Dr. Patricia A. McAnany, Christa participated in the production of En el Camino de Nuestros Antepasados, On the Road of Our Ancestors, an educational film addressing issues surrounding Maya cultural heritage in Yucatán, Mexico.  Her work with the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, directed by Richard M. Leventhal, includes coordination of the 2008 conference Indigenous Views of Cultural Heritage and Preservation, held at the Penn Museum, and the assessment of a community center in Acopía, Peru.

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