January 14, 2012, John Justeson, PhD: "Mesoamerican Concepts of Number and Numeration and the Invention of the Long Count"

Dr. Justeson discussed Mesoamerican concepts of number and numeration, especially in relation to time, the uses of calendrical constructs, and the invention of the long count.  His talk included discussion of early long count dates and very long long counts, as well as the rationale for the choice of the base and end points of the long count, and similar issues.
     John Justeson, PhD. is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University at Albany, State University of New York. He received his PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University.  His research interests focus particularly on ancient Mesoamerica, with an emphasis on ancient writing systems and their decipherment, on historical linguistics, and on astronomy and calendars. Together with Terrence Kaufman, Dr. Justeson has produced a decipherment of a major portion of the Late Preclassic epi-Olmec hieroglyphs.

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