May 8, 2004  Simon Martin:  "Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya: Highlights from the National Gallery of Art Exhibition".

In April 2004 the largest Maya exhibition to be held in the United States
opened at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.  The show includes
a number of newly-excavated or rarely seen objects that raise important
issues of interpretation and significance, both individually and for Maya
art and writing as a whole.  Simon, who helped arrange the exhibit, gave us
a quick overview of each of the six rooms in the show: Life at Court, Divine
Models of Courtly Culture, Women at Court, Word and Image in the Maya Court,
The Court at War, and Palenque-an Exemplary Maya Court.  He provided
fascinating background information on individual pieces in each of the
rooms, and made everyone eager to rush down and see the exhibit in person.

Simon Martin is the Research Specialist in Mayan Epigraphy at the University
of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  He is co-author
with Mary Miller of "Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya," the catalogue to the
exhibition at the National Gallery (which will move on to the De Young
Museum in San Francisco later in 2004).  He previously published, together
with Nikolai Grube, "Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens" (2000).

>>>On Saturday, June 19, 2004 Simon will also lead a bus tour of the
>>>exhibit, for members of the University Museum.  Members interested in
>>>participating should contact the Museum Events Office at 215-898-2680.

Thanks to Elin Danien, Society members were also able to see an advanced
preview of a National Geographic program on Copan and the Pre-Classic Maya.
(This film will be broadcast for the first time on PBS later in May.)

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