June 14, 2003 Mary Ciaramella, "The Idol Makers in the Madrid Codex:
Parallels with Landa."

One of the activities shown in the Madrid Codex is the manufacture of wooden
idols.  Bishop Diego de Landa left us a detailed description of this work,
which the Maya called "making gods."  Ms. Ciaramella matched the
illustrations and the texts in the Codex with passages in Landa's Relacion
de las cosas de Yucatan and showed ethnographic parallels with some
contemporary wood-carvers.
She also presented evidence for reading T186 as phonetic 'le,' T159 as
phonetic 'lo,' and T62 as logograph for HOK'.

Mary Ciaramella is a retired librarian and determined glypher who lives in
New Jersey.  Her interest is the work of the Maya as shown in the codices.
She has previously dealt with weaving (“The Weavers in the Codices,” in
Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing, 44, August, 1999), bee-keeping (in
press), idol-making (the subject of her talk), and is now researching

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