September 2004
Heather Hurst of Yale University spoke on “The San Bartolo Murals: Late Preclassic Painting Techniques and Styles.”
Since Dr. William Saturno discovered the San Bartolo Murals in 2001, archaeological excavators have learned a great deal about the fantastic wall paintings buried within the Pinturas temple.  Heather has worked diligently in transcribing the artwork to make it more accessible to scholars and others.  In her talk, Ms. Hurst reviewed the West and North wall murals of San Bartolo, an as yet unpublished sequence showing creation and ancestor myth.  She carefully reviewed a set of four pictures of Hunapu making different sacrifices in different circumstances, and a picture of a ruler receiving a sacrifice from a maize god.  She then discussed the techniques and materials used to paint the murals.  PCS members who attended the meeting were especially delighted to be able to examine some of Heather’s full-size copies of the murals.
Heather Hurst has worked as an archaeological illustrator at several Maya sites including Copan, Palenque, Piedras Negras, Holmul, and San Bartolo.  Recently, she and artist Leonard Ashby completed half-scale reproductions of the Bonampak Murals, Chiapas, Mexico under the direction of Mary Miller, Yale University.  Her current projects include illustrating the San Bartolo Murals for Proyecto San Bartolo, directed by Dr. William Saturno, and illustrating the murals at La Sufricaya, directed by Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli.  Heather Hurst is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University.

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