September 10, 2011 Christopher Jones, PhD:  "Personal Discoveries at Tikal in the 1960’s"

    Dr. Chris Jones discussed his experiences during his four years excavating with the University of Pennsylvania team at Tikal in the 1960s. In particular, he addressed the Twin Pyramid Groups, the Marketplace, the  Sweatbath, and the Ball Courts.
      Dr. Christopher Jones is a former Senior Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. He studied Maya archaeology and epigraphy under Linton Satterthwaite and William Coe at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his PhD. He excavated for four years at Tikal and two years at Quirigua, both in Guatemala. His work focuses on the connections between the historical statements of the inscriptions and the processes of change that can be observed in archaeological investigation.  He is the author of Inauguration Dates of Three Late Classic Rulers of Tikal Guatemala, in American Antiquity 42, 1977, The Monuments and Inscriptions of Tikal, with Linton Satterthwaite, 1982, Deciphering Maya Hieroglyphs, 1984, and Excavations in the East Plaza of Tikal, Guatemala, 1996. Dr. Jones is currently completing a report on the Quirigua Acropolis excavations.
His talk was part of the Society picnic at Dr. Jones' home, which was extremely pleasant. We thank Dr. Jones and his wife Leslie for their hospitality.

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