November 9, 2002, Marcello Canuto,  "Settlement in the Rural Areas Around Copan, Honduras"

Recent settlement research in the rural areas surrounding the Classic Maya
polity of Copan, Honduras has revealed a rural occupation that relates
directly to the early development of the Copan dynasty.  Some scholars have
speculated that the rural occupation resulted from a Late Classic emigration
from Copan caused by the political collapse of the Copan dynasty and the
ecological degradation of the Copan valley.  Recent research, however, has
shown that much of the rural settlement actually dates to the Early Classic,
suggesting that it was the product of Copan's dynastic expansion rather than
of its decline.  This research gives weight to the argument that Copan was a
state-level rather than a segmentary society.

Marcello Canuto is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Yale University in
New Haven CT.  He graduated from Harvard College and earned his doctorate
from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001.  His research has focused on
the nature of the communities surrounding the important Maya site of Copan,
Honduras.  He edited (with Jason Yaeger) The Archaeology of Communities: A
New World Perspective and is at work on a volume on early classic Copán.  He
has also done field work on prehispanic agricultural technology in Bolivia,
classical architecture in Carthage, pueblo culture in New Mexico, and an
ancient Harrapan village in India.

At Yale, he teaches courses on the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, on
the Aztecs, on archeological method and theory, and on the archaeology of
communities.  His interests also include social organization from household
to community levels, computer applications to archaeological research, and
Maya epigraphy and iconography.

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