December 12, 2015 Penn Museum: Thomas Hardy, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anthropology: "The Inca Conquest and Transformation of the Lucre Basin, Cuzco, Peru"

Thomas Hardyís talk presented data from the authorís dissertation research at the site of Minaspata, located in the Lucre Basin at the eastern end of the Cuzco Valley, Peru.  Minaspata has a long history of occupation, dating from the Early Horizon (BC 800-0 AD) to the end of the Late Horizon (1400-1532 AD), but was conquered as the final component of the Inca heartland immediately prior to the early imperial excursions by the Inca. Tom discussed the results of excavations at Minaspata in 2013 and the different phases of occupation and material culture, as well as the implications for the cultural history of the Cuzco area and the Andean area more generally. He focused primarily on the development of Minaspata and the surrounding Lucre Basin during of the Middle Horizon (600-1000 AD), Late Intermediate Period (1000-1400 AD) and Late Horizon occupations at the site, and closed by discussing the changes wrought by the Inca conquest of the basin during the Late Horizon, and explored the implications of these changes for social and cultural transformations in the local populations and for Inca imperial practices more broadly.

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