Highlights of Previous Meetings of the Pre-Columbian Society at the University of Pennsylvania Museum continued.
Prior to 2002

December 8, 2001, Dicey Taylor, "Taino: Ancient Voyagers of Sea and Spirit."

November 10, 2001 Dr. Jeffrey Quilter,  "Chiefdoms, Ceremonial Centers, and Gold: Research at the Rivas Site, Costa Rica"

October 13, 2001  Chalon Rodriguez :   "Music  of the Inca, Maya and Aztec Cultures."

September 8, 2001 Dr. Marilyn Masson:     "Mayapan's Realm: Core-Periphery Symbolic and  Economic Relationships in the Postclassic Maya World"

June 9, 2001 Michael Coe: "Tezcatlipoca and K'awil: the Inside Story of a Royal Cult"

May 12, 2001 Christopher Jones: "The Ballcourts of Puerto Rico"

March 3, 2001 Katherine P. Moore:  "Glimpses of the Landscape and Economy of Formative Fisherpeople at Chirirpa, Bolivia."

February 10, 2001 Charles Golden: "New Investigations in the Acropolis of  Piedras Negras, Guatemala"

January 13, 2001, Dr.Jill Leslie Furst, "Tlaloc: Connections between Mexico and the American Southwest"

December 9, 2000, Judith Storniolo,  "Paint, Pots and Potentates: Continuity and Change in the Role of  Dwarves Among the Ancient and Modern Maya".

November 11, 2000 Marshall Becker, "The Lenape and their Neighbors in the Delaware Valley 1600-1750"

October 14, 2000 Marilyn Goldstein,  "The Significance of Shell Imagery at

September 9, 2000 Ellen Bell , "Building a Dynasty: A Look at Early Classic Kingship at Copán, Honduras"

June 10, 2000 Elizabeth P. Benson,  "Maya and Moche"

May 13, 2000 Cherra Wyllie,  "Signs and Symbols of Gulf Coast Trade: Classic-Postclassic Transition"

March 11, 2000 Eleanor King, "Project Archaeology Pennsylvania:  Reading, Writing,
Arithmetic, and Archaeology in the Classroom."

February 12, 2000 Nancy Forand, "Finishing the Road:  Breaching Conflict via Courtship Dialogues"

January 8, 2000 Elin Danien,  "But Where Do We Start?  Chama after Eighty Years"

December 11, 1999 Alexei Vranich, "Pre-Columbian Urbanism: The Andean City of Tiwanaku, Bolivia"

November 13, 1999 Lynn Grant,  "Tunnel tales: a Conservator at Copan"

October 9, 1999  Mary Ciaramella, "The Weavers and the Codices"

September 18, 1999, Dr David Lentz, "Recent Paleoethnoboticanical Studies at Ceren: the Central American Pompeii"

June 12, 1999  Dr. Steven Whittington, "The Agony of Defeat: Trauma of Warfare and Sacrifice at Iximche"

May 8, 1999: Dr Barbara Mundy, "Mapmaking in 16th Century Mexico: Communities and Contexts"

March 13, 1999: Robert Wittman and Jay Heine, FBI, and Dr. Steve Epstein, University Museum, "US vs Art Thieves: looting and theft of art objects"

February 13, 1999: Dr. Elin Danien, "Leopold Stokowski, Ox Carts, and Stelae: the University Museum at Piedras Negras."

January 9, 1999: Dr  Karen Stothert, "8000 Years of Mortuary Ceremonialism in Coastal Ecuador"

December 12, 1998: Christine Carrelli, "An Inside View of the Copan Acropolis: Construction
Techniques of the Ancient Maya".

November 14, 1998: Billie Follansbee, "Exploring Gender in Olmec Art and Archeology".

October 10, 1998: Marshall Becker, "Plaza Plans (or Back to the Future)".

September 12,1998:  Dr. Samuel Y. Edgerton, "Friars and Indians in Sixteenth-Century Mexico -- The 'Art of the Art' of Christian Conversion: The Augustinian Convento at Malinalco: Adam and Eve in an Aztec Paradise"

June 13, 1998: Dr. Paul Welch, "Politics and Economics in the Old, Old South."

May 9, 1998: Dr. Flora Edouwaye S. Kaplan, "Uncovering Cooking Pots in Post and Pre-Spanish Puebla, Mexico: Style, Cognition and Group Identity."

March 14, 1998, Dr. John L. Cotter, "New Archaeological Discoveries at Jamestown"

February 14, 1998, Dr. Richard Shupp, "Perception and presentation of Mesoamerican groups by the film industry"

January 10, 1998, Dr. Bruce Byland, "Politics and Economy in Postclassic Mixteca Alta: A Codical and Archaeological View"

December 13, 1997, Dr. James Brady, "Cueva de las Pinturas and the Origens of the Maya Cave Cult"

November 8, 1997, held in conjunction with the Committee on Latin American and Caribbean Studies at St. John's University.

October 4, 1997, Sharisse McCafferty, "A Whorl-wind Tour of Cholula Spinning"

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